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Privacy Policy for Artanis

At Artanis (website:, protecting our visitors’ privacy is a top priority. Our Privacy Policy details the kinds of information we collect and how we use it.

For further inquiries or details about our Privacy Policy, please get in touch with us.

Our Privacy Policy is specific to our online services and is relevant for users of our website, Artanis, concerning the information they provide and collect here. It does not cover data gathered offline or through means other than our website.


By accessing our website, you agree to and consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Information we collect

When we ask you to provide personal information on our website, we will specify exactly what information is needed and why we are asking for it. This ensures transparency at each point where we request your data.

We may gather more information about you if you contact us directly, for instance, through email or a contact form. This can include your full name, email address, telephone number, and any specific details you include in your message or attachments. This lets us understand and respond to your query or feedback more effectively.

Furthermore, when you sign up for an account on our website, we require certain contact information to complete the registration process. This includes, but may not be limited to, your full name, company name (if applicable), physical address, email address, and telephone number. Collecting this information helps us create a more personalized and efficient experience for you on our platform.”

How we use your information

Our use of the information we collect spans several key areas:

  1. Website Operations: To provide, operate, and maintain the smooth functioning of our website. This includes ensuring that our website is accessible, efficient, and user-friendly.
  2. Website Enhancement: To improve and personalize your experience on our website. By understanding your preferences and interactions, we can better tailor our site to meet your needs and interests.
  3. User Insight and Analysis: To analyze and understand how our website is utilized. This involves studying user behaviors and patterns to optimize website design and functionality.
  4. Product and Service Development: To develop new products, services, features, and functionalities. This is aimed at continuously innovating and enhancing what we offer to you.
  5. Communication: To communicate with you for various purposes. This might be through direct contact or indirectly via our partners. Purposes include customer service interactions, updates and information about the website, and marketing and promotional efforts.
  6. Email Communication: To send you emails. These could be informational, promotional, or related to your account or transactions.
  7. Fraud Prevention: To detect and prevent fraudulent activities. This is crucial for maintaining our operations’ security and integrity and protecting us and our users from fraudulent actions.”

Log Files

Artanis implements a commonly used procedure in web hosting known as log file recording. This process is standard among hosting companies and is integral to hosting services’ analytics. When visitors visit our website, these log files automatically record their visits. Here’s a breakdown of what these log files entail and how we use the information:

  1. Types of Information Collected: Log files gather a variety of data points, including:
    • Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses: This helps identify the geographic distribution of our visitors.
    • Browser Type: Knowing the browser (like Chrome or Firefox) helps optimize our site’s performance across different platforms.
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP): Identifying ISPs can assist in understanding our visitors’ general internet connectivity and reach.
    • Date and Time Stamp: This records the time and date of each visit, which helps understand peak usage times.
    • Referring/Exit Pages: This information shows which external pages direct users to our site or where they go after leaving, providing insights into user navigation.
    • Number of Clicks: Tracking clicks helps us understand which parts of our site are most engaging and frequently visited.
  2. Anonymity of the Data: It’s important to note that none of this information is linked to personally identifiable data. The anonymity of our visitors is maintained.
  3. Purpose of the Information: The collected data serves multiple purposes:
    • Analyzing Trends: To see how user engagement and interaction change over time.
    • Administering the Site: To ensure the website runs smoothly and efficiently.
    • Tracking User Movement: Understanding how users navigate the website helps improve site layout and content.
    • Gathering Demographic Information: This helps understand the diverse user base and tailor content accordingly.

This comprehensive approach to data collection via log files is key to maintaining and improving our website’s functionality and user experience while respecting our visitors’ privacy and anonymity.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Artanis, like many other websites, utilizes ‘cookies’ to enhance user experience. Cookies are small data files stored on the user’s device. Here’s how we use them:

  1. Purpose of Cookies:
    • Storing Preferences: Cookies remember user-specific preferences, including language settings, layout choices, or other customizable aspects of our website. This personalization makes subsequent visits more tailored and convenient.
    • Remembering Page Visits: They track the pages that users visit on our site. This information helps us understand user interests and behavior on our website.
  2. Optimizing User Experience:
    • Customized Content: Based on the information gathered through cookies, we can modify our web content to suit the visitor’s preferences and interests better. This is often determined by the visitor’s browser type (e.g., Chrome, Firefox) and other information provided by the cookie.
    • Improving Website Functionality: By understanding how users interact with our site, we can make adjustments to improve ease of use, navigation, and overall user engagement.
  3. How Cookies Work:
    • Data Collection: When you visit Artanis, cookies collect specific types of information, like which pages you spend the most time on or your settings preferences.
    • Enhanced Performance: This information is then used to enhance and personalize your experience on our site, making your interactions more efficient and enjoyable.
  4. User Control and Privacy:
    • User Consent: Users typically have the option to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your browser settings to decline cookies.
    • Privacy Assurance: It’s important to note that cookies do not give us access to your computer or any information about you other than the data you share with us.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookie

As a third-party vendor, Google plays a significant role on our site through cookies. Here’s a breakdown of how this works and the choices available to you as a visitor:

  1. Google’s Use of Cookies:
    • DART Cookies: Google uses these specific cookies, DART cookies, to deliver ads to our site visitors.
    • Ad Personalization: The purpose of DART cookies is to present ads based on a user’s previous visits to our website and other sites on the internet. This results in more relevant and targeted advertising.
  2. Visitor Choice and Privacy:
    • Opting Out: As a visitor, you have the option to opt out of the use of DART cookies. This can be done by visiting Google’s ad and content network Privacy Policy.
    • Privacy Policy URL: To make an informed decision and for more detailed information on managing DART cookies, visit This link leads directly to Google’s Privacy Policy regarding advertising and cookies.
  3. How It Affects Your Experience:
    • Ad Customization: If you choose not to opt-out, DART cookies will enable Google to display ads tailored to your interests based on your browsing history.
    • Opt-Out Impact: Opting out means you will still see ads, but they may not be as relevant to your interests.

Our Advertising Partners

Our website includes advertisements from advertisers who may use cookies and web beacons to enhance the user experience. These tools help in tailoring ads based on user preferences and behaviors. Below is a list of our advertising partners, along with direct links to their respective Privacy Policies for detailed information on their data handling practices:

  1. Google: Recognized for serving tailored ads, Google uses cookies and web beacons. You can review their approach to user data in their Privacy Policy. Access it directly here: Google Privacy Policy.

Each advertising partner operates under its own set of privacy guidelines. We provide these hyperlinks for your convenience, so you can easily understand how these advertisers might use your data.

Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

If you’re interested in understanding how our advertising partners handle your data, you can refer to a list we provide that links to each partner’s privacy policy. This list is available to help you navigate and understand the privacy practices of the advertisers on Artanis.

Our advertising partners, including third-party ad servers and networks, use technologies such as cookies, JavaScript, and Web Beacons in their advertisements and links on Artanis. These are the key points to understand:

  1. Technology Usage:
    • Purpose: These technologies allow advertisers to send ads directly to your browser, and in the process, they automatically receive your IP address.
    • Functionality: The use of cookies, JavaScript, and Web Beacons helps in two major ways:
      • Campaign Effectiveness: They measure the success of advertising campaigns.
      • Ad Personalization: They enable the customization of advertising content based on browsing behavior and preferences.
  2. Privacy and Control:
    • Artanis’ Role: It’s important to note that Artanis does not have access to, nor can control, the cookies used by these third-party advertisers.
    • User Options: You have the choice and control over your browser settings to decline cookies. However, doing so may affect your interaction with our site and other websites.

Third Party Privacy Policies

Please be aware that Artanis’s privacy policy exclusively applies to our website and services. It does not extend to the practices of other advertisers or external websites you might encounter. To fully understand how these third parties manage your data, we recommend reviewing their Privacy Policies. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Consulting Third-Party Policies: Each third-party ad server has its own Privacy Policy. These documents provide detailed insights into their data handling practices, including how they collect, use, and protect your information.
  2. Opt-Out Options: These Privacy Policies will also guide you on how to opt out of certain practices if you choose to do so. This is important for maintaining control over your personal information and online experience.
  3. Managing Cookies: As a user, you can disable cookies. This can be done through the settings of your web browser.
  4. Browser-Specific Instructions: For more comprehensive guidance on cookie management, you can visit the official websites of your specific web browsers. Each browser offers unique functionalities and instructions on how to manage cookie settings.

CCPA Privacy Rights (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

The CCPA grants several important rights to California residents regarding their personal data:

  1. Right to Know:
    • Data Disclosure Request: As a California consumer, you can request a business to disclose the categories and specific details of personal data it has collected about you.
  2. Right to Deletion:
    • Deletion Request: You have the right to ask a business to delete any personal data about you that the business has collected.
  3. Right to Opt-Out of Sale:
    • Sale Opt-Out Request: If a business sells personal data, you can request that your data not be sold.
  4. Response Time:
    • One-Month Window: The business must respond within one month after making any of these requests.
  5. Exercising Your Rights:
    • Contact for Action: If you wish to exercise any of these rights under the CCPA, please get in touch with us through the provided channels.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

We are committed to ensuring that you are fully informed about your data protection rights. Every user of our services has the following rights:

  1. Right to Access:
    • Access Request: You can request copies of your personal data that we hold. Note that there may be a nominal fee for this service to cover administrative costs.
  2. Right to Rectification:
    • Correction Request: If you find any of your information inaccurate, you have the right to ask us to correct it. Additionally, you can request the completion of any information you believe is incomplete.
  3. Right to Erasure:
    • Erasure Request: Also known as the ‘right to be forgotten,’ this right allows you to ask us to delete your personal data, subject to certain conditions.
  4. Right to Restrict Processing:
    • Restriction Request: Under certain conditions, you have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data.
  5. Right to Object to Processing:
    • Objection Request: You can object to our processing of your personal data, under certain conditions.
  6. Right to Data Portability:
    • Transfer Request: You can request that we transfer your data to another organization or directly to you under certain conditions.
  7. Response Time and Contact:
    • One-Month Response Window: After you make a request, we are obligated to respond within one month.
    • How to Exercise Your Rights: To exercise any of these rights, please contact us using the provided contact information.

Children’s Information

Protecting the privacy of young children is a key priority for us, particularly in the context of internet usage. We are committed to creating a safe online environment for children and actively encourage the following measures:

  1. Parental Involvement:
    • Observation and Participation: We advise parents and guardians to be actively involved in their children’s online activities. This can include observing, participating in, and guiding their internet usage to ensure safe and age-appropriate online experiences.
  2. Policy on Children’s Information:
    • No Collection from Under 13s: Artanis adheres to strict guidelines regarding the collection of personal information. We do not knowingly collect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from children under the age of 13.
    • Immediate Action for Concerns: If you, as a parent or guardian, believe that your child has provided us with personal information, we urge you to contact us immediately. Ensuring the privacy and safety of your child is paramount, and we will take swift action to remove any such information from our records.
  3. Commitment to Child Safety:
    • Proactive Steps for Protection: Our commitment extends to continuously seeking ways to enhance protection for children as they engage with the internet. We advocate for and support a collaborative approach where parents, guardians, and website operators work together to ensure a safe online environment for children.

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